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Founder and CEO Lucy Freedman explains the benefits of learning Syntax.

SYNTAX Communication Modeling Corporation helps technology companies be as good with people as they are with technology.

Learn how you can untangle snarled working relationships so that you can meet deadlines, and get projects and teams back on track.

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Smart Work:
The Syntax Guide for Mutual Understanding in the Workplace

Learn how Neurolinguistics and Action Communication combine into one powerful method for managing change and complexity without losing your cool.

Shows you how to master team communication and leadership in the new workplace.

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Opportunities to Learn

Good Leaders are Good Learners

What makes great leaders? When we are faced with widespread change, we want to be able to trust our leaders, to feel confident in ourselves, and to be as intelligent as possible in our decisions and actions.

Intelligence, in such times, must go beyond knowledge we have acquired in the past. Keen perception, constant questioning of assumptions, and openness to new ideas are the leadership skills that are called for.

Good leaders are good learners. They take in feedback from their results and from other people. They observe successful people and continually increase their own options. They pay attention to what helps people thrive (including themselves) and what gets in people's way. We can trust such leaders because they are paying attention.

They ask for help and make time for themselves to discuss goals and apply new learnings to their work.

Professional Syntax coaching supports you as a leader who is learning by helping you observe key patterns of thought and behavior to increase your effectiveness and the success of your organization.

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